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Day 4 - Khao Sok National Park

sunny 30 °C

The overnight train arrived into Surat Thani at 7.30am, 12 hours after leaving Bangkok, the night train ride went well all things considered -
although we seem to keep stopping every 20mins or so at first and only travelling at around 20 mph !
But as the night went on we seem to stop slightly less and eventually we dozed off to sleep.
After leaving Surat Thani Rail station we got onto our minibus and shortly after stopped for breakfast on-route to the Khao Sok National Park,
our base for the next 2 days.
We arrived just before lunch, checked into our rustic cabin which was surrounded by trees and a nearby river,
then went for a local walk and had some lunch.
It was slightly cooler today at 30c ! But the humidity made up for it.
After lunch we walked down the road and into the Khao Sok National Park for a trek through the jungle canopy.
The canopy and large bamboo gave plenty of wanted shade from the Sun as we walked through the forrest to the waterfalls and streams.
Along the way we spotted several monkeys, lizards and the odd very large monitor lizzard. We trekked to as far as we could go -
a lodge with a security guy which wouldn't let you go any further unless you had an official guide with you !
Given the time of day, we decided to head back for a chill out on our balcony before a group meeting about tomorrow's activities.

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Day 3 - Bangkok to Surat Thani

sunny 34 °C

Bangkok to Surat Thani
After our first 95f Christmas Day, we started off Boxing Day with an early morning visit to the Klongs
(the river canals that connect many parts of the city).
Although we had previously done this a few years ago, it was still worth doing again.
We boarded a converted long boat with a diesel engine from a lorry for our propulsion!
After a couple of hours cruising around, we arrived back on land and walked to the Wat Pho Temple to see the 46m gold plated reclining Buddha, again something we'd seen before but again worth another visit. We had a free afternoon just chilling out having some lunch followed by our first Thai massage before leaving to catch the evening 12 hour overnight train to Surat Thani, approximately 400 miles south of Bangkok.
We arrived at the station just as the twice daily Nation Anthem was about to start (8am and 6pm each day).
Everybody immediately stood up, kept still and observed the 1 minute anthem.
The train, as all Asian train journeys go was interesting to say the least, this one though was air-conditioned,
But one long single carriage split up into bunks with the bottom one converting from 2 seats and a table.
In Thailand Alcohol is strictly forbidden on all trains so it was going to be a dry night, that said we ordered a Thai "Seafood Meal for 2" which was served direct to your table, soon after we relaxed before lights out at the 10pm curfew.

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Day 2 - Christmas Day in Bangkok

sunny 35 °C

Bangkok - Christmas Day
Well we saw Christmas Day 7 hours before you guys, again waking up to an even hotter day, forecast was to be 35c today and it certainly felt like it.
We decided to have breakfast out on the street at a small local place near to the hotel, the day was quite, with a few people milling about, you wouldn't have guessed it was Christmas Day except for spotting a couple of cafe waiters wearing
Santa's Hats, trying to appeal to passing tourists.
Soon after, a normal day seem to occur in the capital with people going about their normal business and all the shops open as usual.
We started off on along walk to the Main river which runs through the city on-route we passed literally thousands of Thai people all dressed in black queuing to pay their respects to the late king who was lying in state in the Royal Palace.
Roads were closed, there was security checkpoints everywhere, luckily we managed to blag our way through with no passport, stating the hotel still had them for checking :-)
Due to the shear number of people, there was free water stalls, free foods stalls and free ice cream stalls ! Not to mention ambulances and first aid points, all because of shear the number of people stood queuing in black in 35c heat !
We enjoyed a free ice cream and continued on our walking tour, did shop more Christmas shopping ! and then returned to the hotel in time for our first group meeting.
After the meeting we headed out for a Christmas Day-Night Meal on the town.

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Arrival in Thailand

Day 1 - Bangkok

sunny 34 °C

Well after luckily missing storm Barbara and with the planned Baggage Handlers strike called off, we made it to Amsterdam and
then after a short stopper on to Bangkok.
After the overnight, 10 hour flight we eventually arrived at Bangkok Airport, on Christmas Eve morning greeted, not by Santa,
But by a steamy 34c (95f) Sunny day !
However, our joyous spirits were soon tempered as the country was in still in the official 90 days of morning after the late Kings death.
After the hustle of leaving the busy airport, we avoided further hassle as we'd already arranged an Airport-Hotel transfer,
But no sooner had we got into the car, we both fell asleep and awoke 45 mins later as we approached the Hotel.
After unpacking and a couple of hours sleep we headed out into the city centre.
We walked to the famous Khao San Road district to do some "Christmas Shopping".
It was strange Christmas Shopping in 95f sunshine without freezing and wearing loads of clothes :-) wearing a T-shirt was loads better.
We ended the day out in the city centre, again walking round in just t-shirts followed by Pad Thai and a cold beer, well I had to settle for a lager :-(

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